Title: Work

From corporate to startup


  1. I quit my corporate job and broke into tech after cold-tweeting a Founder/CEO. I convinced him to hire me remotely with no experience.
  2. Since then I’ve worked remotely for two early-stage, Silicon Valley startups and tried co-founding a nonprofit startup.
  3. I’ve worn different hats: marketing, customer support, sales, user insights, and HR/operations.

Longer version:

Marco Polo — a video messaging app (Kristen Bell and Gabrielle Union use it!). I worked on user insights, funky Android usability issues, & support. I helped start the knowledge base and co-wrote the first ~50 articles.

Good.Co — a workplace personality assessment app (acquired by StepStone, a job board based in Germany). I worked on marketing, community, content, & support.


Me on the far right (DJ next to me is 7 feet, I’m average height haha)

I was part of a nonprofit startup (us 3 above) where I made our website and did marketing/PR. It didn’t work out how we imagined but it was fun. Read about it on CBS

Before that:

I’m on Twitter (DMs are open) and my email is: jeremy @alumni.vcu.edu


What others say about me

He’s always upbeat and has great interpersonal skills . . . I think he has a tremendous amount of potential and will go as far as he wants to go in his business career.”

Jim S.

Program Manager, federal government contracts

Jeremy is extremely talented, bright, and an intelligent individual, always at the ready to serve and support his fellow associates and team members . . . I would recommend Jeremy highly to anyone looking for an extremely bright young star and high achiever.”

John H.

Government Technology Advisor

Jeremy is a fast learner and a complete professional in all aspects of his work . . . He is dedicated to whatever I task him to do and his work ethic is beyond reproach.”

Lisa M.

HR, Ethics, & Compliance